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Landscape Lighting Showroom

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Showroom

Introducing Our Landscape Lighting Showroom: Where Ambiance Comes to Life

Britescape proudly presents our innovative Landscape Lighting Showroom—a unique space designed to envelop you in instant darkness and showcase the transformative power of lighting.

This unparalleled resource offers clients an immersive experience, allowing you to witness the captivating ambiance our lighting solutions create. Step into a world of enchantment and explore the newest and best in the landscape lighting world, focusing on lighting technology and design techniques.

Our showroom features a technology wall that showcases all the latest in landscape lighting control. The room displays all different types of lighting effects including:

Our custom showroom creates instant darkness, providing an excellent environment for clients to experience the ambiance of lighting

Britescape Landscape Lighting Showroom Seattle

Discover Our Lighting Showroom

Our lighting showroom is located at 930 N 95th St, Seattle, 98103, and available to view by appointment only. Arrange for your showroom experience today by calling (206) 523-7366 or use the form below.

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Discover Our Lighting Showroom, nestled within a repurposed paint booth designed to instantly immerse you in darkness. This unique environment serves as a prime resource, allowing clients to experience the captivating ambiance of lighting during business hours. At Britescape, we aim to provide accessibility, extending the invitation to the public, contractors, and designers for illuminating demonstrations at flexible hours that suit everyone’s schedule—no need to wait for nighttime.


930 N 95th St
Seattle, 98103

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Outdoor Lighting Showroom

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Our lighting showroom is available by appointment only. Use the form below to schedule an appointment with our professional lighting team.

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