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We Service Mercer Island, WA and the Greater Seattle Area

Mercer Island Landscape Lighting & Outdoor Services

Britescape is licensed and bonded to design and install landscape lighting projects throughout Mercer Island and all of Washington state.  We have had projects from Bellingham to Bainbridge Island to Hoquiam to Winthrop. Britescape service techs service 20 miles in all directions from Seattle. 

Professionally designed and installed custom landscape lighting by Britescape will add beauty, safety and security to your property.

Seasonal lighting for your home or business. We offer elegant exterior LED holiday lighting installation services for your home and business.

With over 30 years of experience in full-service landscaping, Britescape can help you maintain and grow your property’s potential.

Discover Mercer Island: A Horticultural Gem for Enriching Outdoor Living

Did you know that Mercer Island is surrounded by more than 350 acres of beautiful forested parks and open space?

The Pacific Northwest ecosystem is held in high esteem as it plays an important role in improving quality of life and sustaining the environment. Invasive plants such as Himalayan Blackberry and English Ivy pose a threat to the native plants of the region. Mercer Island works in tandem with professionals in the plant industry to ensure the longevity of the native greenery that is a hallmark of the island. Landscape lighting provides a non-intrusive way to highlight the wooded foliage — even in the dark.

Award-Winning Backyard Lighting in Mercer Island

This beautiful Mercer Island home sits on 1.5 acres — because the property was so large, the lighting needs were varied. For this project, we were asked to design lighting for a parking area, entrance area, sitting/patio area, play area and connecting lights. 

Most homes/properties we light up are not this large, but the lighting techniques remain the same. We design so you can enjoy your home from all angles while highlighting specific features or areas of interest.




The driveway and kids play area needed to have lights to ensure the kids were seen at all times, but out of harms way from running them over or tripping on them.  Placing downlights in the trees created a “moon” effect so that light made the dark driveway navigable but not obnoxious with glaring flood lights. Since it rains so much in the PNW, the downlights chosen are made to repel water as it shines down. 

The large patio did not have many trees or structures to light up. By utilizing down lighting from the upper deck, we were able to highlight the nice planter garden and create a nicely lit walkway. The pony wall (low so you can enjoy the amazing view) was also uplit so that the edge of the patio could be defined. 

Uplighting trees, planters, walkways and structures throughout the property allow the homeowner to navigate around the house without stepping into any dark areas. Uplighting the orchard trees in the distance also created a sense of depth of the property.

Mercer Island Art Walk and Pathway Outdoor Lighting

For this beautiful Mercer Island yard, we were tasked with illuminating stone walls, art & water features, and trees surrounding a cozy gas fire pit.

  • The subtle white uplighting into the tree brightens the area and contrasts nicely with the fire’s natural warm light.
  • Moon lighting installed to the side of the artistic, rounded gate brightens the pathway without blinding those walking through in either direction.
  • Uplighting into the elegant pots and stone walls adds height to the pieces, as though they stand a little taller in the dark.
  • Several downlights in each pond give the water an intriguing glow. The addition of the shored Willowbrite highlights the various out-of-water features, including rock, wood, and hints of greenery.
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