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Laurelhurst Landscape Lighting & Outdoor Services

Britescape is licensed and bonded to design and install landscape lighting projects throughout Laurelhurst and all of Washington state.  We have had projects from Bellingham to Bainbridge Island to Hoquiam to Winthrop. Britescape service techs service 20 miles in all directions from Seattle. 

Professionally designed and installed custom landscape lighting by Britescape will add beauty, safety and security to your property.

Seasonal lighting for your home or business. We offer elegant exterior LED holiday lighting installation services for your home and business.

With over 30 years of experience in full-service landscaping, Britescape can help you maintain and grow your property’s potential.

Discover Laurelhurst: A Horticultural Gem for Enriching Outdoor Living

Once a seasonal campground for the Duwamish Indian tribe, Laurelhurst is now known for its family-friendly atmosphere, water access and amazing views. Laurelhurst is bordered on two sides by water — Lake Washington and Union Bay. After the Duwamish tribe was relocated, ambitious entrepreneurs worked the heavily wooded area to logging and then to transitioned to farming. After farming was pushed to other more fertile areas, a golf course emerged in the early 1900s. It was the first site to the Seattle Golf and Country Club.

By 1910, the suburban life Laurelhurst quickly became connected to an ever-expanding Seattle landscape as the area was annexed by the city Seattle. Laurelhurst now is home to Seattle Children’s Hospital and is within walking distance of Husky Stadium and University Village and boasts incredible views of Mount Rainier and the Cascade mountains. Spend more time outside enjoying your Laurelhurst view — day or night — with tasteful landscape lighting from Britescape!

Professional Outdoor Lighting in Laurelhurst, WA

This Laurelhurst customer was looking to create open, usable spaces throughout their property. From switch-controlled lighting over the porch dining table to a floating staircase to three different sitting areas in the yard, the lighting could not be more fun to create and enjoy when finished.

Techniques Used
For this Laurelhurst home, we used several lighting techniques to create a warm, inviting property, easily navigable at night.

The lighting techniques used in no particular order:

  • Path lighting
  • Stair lighting
  • Downlighting
  • Spot lighting
  • Container pot lights
  • Uplighting

The entire property became warmly inviting and navigable at night.

Laurelhurst Outdoor Lighting

For safe trips to the path below (even in the dark), we illuminated the staircase and other elements on the ground — spacing lights tastefully so as not to flood the area with light.

  • Downlighting on every fifth stair of floating staircase leads residents easily and safely down to the path below.
  • Uplighting into the trees gives ambient light as residents continue on path. Light is reaching 20’ into several trees.
  • Warm, bold downlight draws attention to plants in potted containers.
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