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Sammamish Landscape Lighting & Outdoor Services

Britescape is licensed and bonded to design and install landscape lighting projects throughout Sammamish and all of Washington state.  We have had projects from Bellingham to Bainbridge Island to Hoquiam to Winthrop. Britescape service techs service 20 miles in all directions from Seattle. 

Professionally designed and installed custom landscape lighting by Britescape will add beauty, safety and security to your property.

Seasonal lighting for your home or business. We offer elegant exterior LED holiday lighting installation services for your home and business.

With over 30 years of experience in full-service landscaping, Britescape can help you maintain and grow your property’s potential.

Discover Sammamish: A Horticultural Gem for Enriching Outdoor Living

Sammamish is a fast growing community located in East King County. The city is perched atop a plateau with Lake Sammamish bordering on the west and the Sammamish Valley to the east. As with most Pacific Northwest cities, the City of Sammamish holds the environment in high esteem. Sammamish has an Urban Forestry Management Plan to ensure that the breadth of species and maturity of the trees create a healthy tree canopy within the city.

With the extensive growth in the area, the city planners are focused on creating a sustainable forested area to protect and grow the natural landscape. There is tremendous value in trees; not only can they provide healthy benefits but they can also help you enjoy the views of and from your property. Landscape lighting can provide just the right light to create ambiance without overpowering the beauty of the environment.

Award-Winning Backyard Lighting in Sammamish

Each year, a panel of judges from the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals (WALP) recognizes the finest landscaping projects in the area with a series of merit awards. The purpose of the program is to recognize outstanding performance by WALP members and foster personal and company pride in superior workmanship. This landscape lighting project earned the Grand Award for Lighting, meaning experts in the field agree that there was “little to no room for improvement” on this project.

We are so honored to receive this award as only (7) Grand awards were given out for the entire state. Congratulations to Joe Bittler for the design and management. The installation team of Chris Keech and Raymond Fenton put together an amazing finished product.


Techniques Used

For this patio, we used 4 lighting techniques to create a new room. Trellis lights or downlights in the trellis provide a warm wash of light over the stone patio. Wall washing provides highlights on a beautiful stone walls. Path lights not only highlight the edge of the patio, but adds visual interest on the fern plantings and spotlight on the taller trees, providing structural and vertical points of beauty and interest.
Stylish path lights highlight both the sword ferns but also throw nice shadows on the stone patio.

Sammamish Landscape Lighting

For this beautiful yard, we were tasked with illuminating tall trees and a walkway trellis.

  • Trellis light shining straight down highlights a transition point in the yard. Adding a path light provides nice foot lighting (safety lighting) as the path ends into the lawn.
  • Uplighting into the trees gives ambient light on the teahouse. Light is reaching 40’ into the tree. Single downlight in the tree on the tree swing make the swing come alive in the night!
  • Combining path lighting and uplighting on the large fir, as well as a single down light, this lighting design gives an overall warm lighting event in the yard.
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