Landscape Lighting in Seattle

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is home to many diverse and topography-challenged neighborhoods. From urban high-rise living to vastly secluded neighborhoods, Seattle has a little bit of everything. After the mini Ice Age, glacial activity left deep lakes and many hills behind. The city is surrounded by water and mountains, making Seattle one of the most beautiful and desirable cities to live in the world. Views are coveted and closely guarded — and we wouldn’t want to drown them out with an irresponsible amount of outdoor light.

When Britescape designs lighting for their clients, the number 1 reason is to reduce the “dark” nights of the NW. It is dark by 4:30 in the wintertime and — without good lighting — it is difficult to navigate your yard and property. We carefully design lighting for the owners personal property use and beauty, as well as preserving the views they do have.

Professional Outdoor Lighting in Seattle

Designed for beauty, safety and entertaining, the 100 low voltage bistro lights provide inviting light for this backyard in Hawthorne Hills, Seattle.  The bistro lights are controlled by a separate switch so they are not automatically operational every night. 15 lights + bistro light installation.

Techniques Used

For this Seattle home, we used several lighting techniques to create a warm, inviting property, easily navigable at night.

The lighting techniques used in no particular order:

  • Bistro lighting
  • Structure lighting
  • Address lighting
  • Tree lighting
  • House lighting
  • LED strip lighting

The entire property became warmly inviting and navigable at night.

Seattle Outdoor Lighting – Color LED

This unique design was created with an eye for LED color effects on a modern Seattle home. The uplighting technique used on the home and trees created a maximizing effect due to the small yard. This project involved a 12-light installation.

  • Colorful house lighting reaching all floors of the units, approximately 25’ in height, give the home a bold and playful look.
  • Uplighting into the small trees and walls gives ambient light as residents head to the backyard. Lighting along the path also ensures a safe journey in the dark.

“The Britescape team paid attention to every detail. The end result was absolutely stunning!”

— Ceinwen from Seattle

About Britescape

Britescape has over 25 years of experience in outdoor lighting. Our designers will work with the best possible professional products to meet the client’s design, vision, safety considerations and budget. Our certified low voltage installers can tackle any problems and determine solutions to the most challenging of lighting installations. Garden lighting will breathe life into your property and give you years of enjoyment and cost savings. No project is too small or too large!

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