Britescape’s Spring 2015 Newsletter

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Where was Winter?

January and February came and went with scarcely a freeze. The mountains are bare and the tulips are about done! What a winter. With the warmer weather, Britescape has been busy.

We have officially changes our name from QLLighting to Britescape! Look for our newly re-branded vehicles in your neighborhood.

Spring is in the air!

If you went to the NW Flower & Garden Show you might have seen us in a few of the display gardens. We debuted our new product, the Willowbrite Globe! Click here for more details and how you can use the Willowbrite in your home and garden all year.

Seth and his crew were busy with holiday lighting installations and take downs. For more information about holiday lighting, click here.

Britescape is also in the middle of a website update. I will let you know when it is completed. Our goal is to have as much information as possible online. We would love your feedback.

Britescape is expanding, slowly. We do not want to compromise our high quality standards while we grow. Britescape has a solid foundation of leaders and associates that are dedicated to bringing you the best service in town.

We are signing up aerating customers for April 22, 23. We will contact all who signed up last year. If you would like to sign up new this year, let us know.

As the tulips and bulbs wither, it is time to think about spring flowers for your pots and beds. These will last you until mid-summer, depending on the variety of you choose. Plant early and enjoy them longer.

We are looking forward to gardening for you this year.

Plant Of The Month: Kerria Japonica Pleniflora

This spring, Ellie (8) and Clara (5) are enjoying all of the bursting colors. Flowering pears, cherries and plum trees are every-where. These trees are quickly leafing out and losing their petals.

Kerria, Pieris, rhodedehndrons and azaleas are beginning to burst or may be in full bloom. This is why we love spring!

In the picture, the girls are in front of a Kerria plant. It originates from China and Japan. It is a double-flowered cultivar of a suckering shrub. ‘Pleniflora’ is a very vigorous grower and bears large, fluffy yellow flowers in the spring. Leaves are sharply toothed and bright green. You can grow in a shrub border or in an area where you do not mind proliferation. It has a delicate cane and the flowers last for a few weeks.

Ellie (8) and Clara (5)

Your Spring Landscape Checklist

  • Aerate Lawn—April 22
  • Fertilize beds/lawn
  • Winter clean—weed, leaves
  • Mulching
  • Spring Flowers—beds/pots
  • Irrigation turn-on (June)
  • Plan for a party

Britescape Holiday and Event Lighting From Winter 2014-2015:

The Willowbrite Globe in Warm White has been a hit with all our clients. There are many colors to choose from and a great way to switch things up from season to season.

Northwest Flower and Garden Show 2015

Britescape lit up 3 displays this year using a combination of LED landscape lights and Willowbrites.

WALP Display Garden—Silver award
Treeline Designz Garden—Silver award
Britescape’s Spring 2015 Newsletter
Britescape's booth at the NW Flower and Garden show

San Fransisco Flower and Garden Show 2015


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