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Britescape visits Hazel Wolf K-8 School


At Britescape, we are constantly looking for ways to give back to the community.  It is not always easy to find opportunities that make sense for us. Britescape has a lot of knowledge and experience and our goal is to educate and build up gardening knowledge everywhere we get involved. We have volunteered at the NW Flower & Garden Show, events put on by Washington Association of Landscape Professionals and other random acts of gardening. But we wanted to find something a little more impactful and long-term.

Our first thought was to just revitalize a landscape that needed it. But that is not economically or financially sustainable.  We found a better way more suitable to the experience and knowledge Britescape has to offer…

Educating the next generation of Gardeners!  

Hazel Wolf K-8 in North Seattle (Seattle Public Schools), was granted a brand-new building opening in the Fall 2016.  Hazel Wolf K-8 is a STEM school focusing on “Environmental Science” and with a focus on issues that affect our community and our world from an environmental focus. After (1) year, the building looks great, the classrooms are full, but the grounds we in complete disarray.  The district only provides funding for lawn mowing, blowing and basic landscaping.

Unfortunately, many weeds were over (3) feet’ tall and the volume of overgrown foliage were choking out of the over-planted planting beds. This seemed like a perfect opportunity for Britescape to partner with school staff and the PTSA to put together a “Garden Team”.  The goal was for Britescape to come alongside student and parent volunteers to provide plant knowledge and best practices for the landscape. Our theory is that if we can get passionate and knowledgeable student involvement, the grounds could be tended to by student leadership.

A teacher set-up a work party with Britescape teammates coming along side to not only pull weeds, but to identify plants, weed, teach pruning and overall encouragement for the volunteers. It was a beautiful fall day and we tackled the entire front of the school. Once we were done, the volunteers and parents were pleased with the results. Britescape hopes to come alongside Hazel Wolf K-8 again in the spring to help start a garden club to support our budding, future horticulturists.

If you would like more information on how to start a garden club and maybe have Britescape come alongside for teaching purposes, give us a call.

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