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Happy Holidays in October!…no wait…November! (how the heck is it November already?!?)  If Holiday Lighting is on your list this year, it’s time to give us a call…before it is too late!  The Britescape Holiday Lighting Team has already begun to “light up” the Seattle area. Our Holiday Lighting Experts provide design and full service installation for both residential and commercial properties.  Our installations can include: Trim lighting, Tree Wrapping, Wreaths, and Willowbrites.

Why choose Britescape?

We guarantee the full functionality of the products you purchase from Britescape as long as Britescape is performing all of the tasks associated with installation and take down. We will be available year round for maintenance or repairs. Britescape does not warranty damage outside of the normal wear and tear of the installed product. The customer assumes the cost and responsibility of damage caused by animals, random acts of nature, and vandalism or breakage due to abuse or neglect.

When you purchase a custom LED holiday lighting installation from Britescape, the price includes:

-The product. (You own all of your decorations!)
-The professional installation.
-The careful takedown.
-Heavy duty bins, bags and spools for storage of your holiday decorations at your residence or place of business.

For additional information or to see how we can add the lights of the holiday to your property, click here!  Give us a call 206-523-7366.

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