WillowBrite™ Globe or Star Outdoor Lights


The Willowbrite™ by Britescape provides a stunning display of warmth and light. Handmade from freshly harvested willow branches, then filled with LED lights, this long lasting product is perfect for the holiday season or as year-round decorative light.

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Specs for Globe

  • 8″, 12″ and 18″ willow branch globes
  • Resin Coating
  • Standard color: Warm White
  • ‘micro’ 5mm LED, UL – LED lights in every globe
  • 120V

Specs for Star

  • 12″ or 16″ willow branch star
  • Resin Coating
  • Standard color: Warm White 
  • ‘micro’ 5mm LED, UL – 50 lights in 12″ and 16″ stars
  • 4.8 total watts when lit -120V

Warm White is all we offer at this time, but we are able to make special requests.


Warm White

Available in Globe or Star!

Care Instructions for WillowBrite™

If hung or displayed in a dry place, your WillowBrite Globe™ should last for years, but here are some suggestions for use to make your last as long as possible.

If displayed outdoors:

–  WillowBrite Globes™ hold up just fine in the rain or snow, but wind, animals and rough handling will deteriorate or destroy your globe. Try to hang or display them in places where the wind won’t blow them into something like a tree branch, wall, or any other structure.

–  Try not to display them on the ground where moisture can settle into a spot on the globe and deteriorate it. If it sits on the ground, it will decompose.

Replacing the lights:

–  If the lights burn out, or you want to replace them for any reason, we ask that you make sure the WillowBrite Globe™ has been brought indoors and thoroughly dried out before working on it. Working on it when wet, or jostling it too much when wet will cause it to unravel.

If Unraveling Occurs:

– Gently tuck the unraveled, flyaway pieces back into the globe.


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  • “We -- and our yard -- are benefiting greatly from the care and creativity of the folks at Britescape. They seem to be daily increasing the loveliness outside our windows, including plants, paths, and pond. Their new "Willow Brites" add a festive touch to every evening and nighttime. We are delighted and grateful. ”

    Karen and Charlie Neff
  • “The lights are impeccable! They look so great. Thanks very much for holiday-ifying our home! :)”

  • “Working with Britescape was a pleasure from start to finish.  They were extremely professional and got the project done in less time than I expected.  We loved the lights so much.”

    Robin L.

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