Snow can damage your plants!

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We’ve had quite the wallop of snow this year in the Puget Sound region, more so than we’ve seen in previous years.  Plants that have not yet acclimated, that are brittle, leggy, or already weakened, may be susceptible to breaking under the weight of snow.  Yew hedges, because of their naturally loose habits, are especially vulnerable at this time.  A good way to help our plant friends out is to shake the snow off!  So if you find yourself out and about, or your kids are playing in the snow, feel free to give those hedges and plants that are feeling the weight of the snow a little shake.  Flat roofs also benefit from some snow removal, but make sure to be safe in these icy conditions!

When the rains do finally come, and the snow melts, let us know if you notice any issues of breakage or splaying.  A lot of plants can be rejuvenated with some good pruning and time. We would be happy to help answer your questions or consult when you are ready!
If you are worried about too much snow on your roof, here is an article we found that might be useful.
Contact our Garden Services Manager, Brandon ( if you have any questions or want a consult for your plants.
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