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We know that lighting is an investment, which is why we insist on using only the highest quality lights and latest installation techniques.

Britescape is the exclusive U.S. carrier of the S20 LED Clear Light Bulb, a trim light that is 4 times brighter than any traditional LED light used for décor.

We can light any exterior or interior space.

No matter what color your trim is, we have sockets and wires to camouflage the lights. Our whole goal is to enhance your property or event not distract from it.

If you have a commercial roof with magnetic trim, our black and white sockets with magnetic strips allow for a clean year-around solution.

The S20 LED Clear Light Bulb is available in either Warm White or Bright White.

Seasonal Lighting For Your Home or Office


The S20 LED bulb is designed for trim lines.


The S20 is 4 times brighter than traditional LED decor lights.


Available in warm white and bright white.

Our Method

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Redefine Your Trim

Redefine Your Trim

No matter your trim color, we have sockets and wire to camouflage the lights for every situation.

Magnetic Clips

Magnetic Clips

A majority of commercial roof trim is magnetic.

Our black or white sockets with magnetic clips allow for a clean year-round solution.

Experienced Team

Experienced Team

Our crew is staffed by veteran holiday lighting professionals with over 40 years combined experience.

Britescape is based here in Seattle.

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