Outdoor Audio Systems

Add Sound to Your Garden


Create a space that appeals to every sense! We offer high-quality outdoor audio systems, seamlessly integrated into your outdoor space.

Our technicians evaluate the acoustics of your yard, patio, or garden before installing any speakers, ensuring the emitted sounds complement the setting. Once speakers are installed and set up, simply connect via Bluetooth, Sonos, or Airplay, and hit play!

Speakers Made For the Outdoors

  • Sleek design ensures discreet integration into your space, preserving the landscape’s native charms
  • High-perfomance technology transmits clear sound at any volume
  • Weatherproof speakers that have gone through rigorous durability and corrosion testing
  • Available in various sizes and shapes, including rock speaker model

Integrated Systems for Every Space

  • Yards
  • Gardens
  • Patios
  • Pools or Cabanas
  • Docks or Lake Homes

Your Outdoor Sound System Can Include …

Rock speaker in yard

Rock Speaker

Subtle outdoor speaker in foliage

Ellipse Bollard Speaker

Available in 2-Way, 3-Way, or Mini

Bullet speaker hidden among foliage

Bullet Speaker

Available in Modulus or 3″


Bollard Subwoofer Speaker

Turtle subwoofer speaker under tree

Turtle Subwoofer Speaker

Outdoor Audio System Installation – FAQ

Is It Easy to Operate?

If you can play music from your mobile device or current indoor sound system, you can operate one of our outdoor systems the same way. Easy connectivity via Sonos, Airplay, or Bluetooth means there’s nothing new to learn!

What Does My Space Need for a Sound System to be Installed?

If you have a standard 120-volt outlet outside, we can install a full high-performance outdoor audio system quickly and efficiently without drilling any holes in your home for wiring or connecting to your indoor system.

How Long Will the Sound System Last Outdoors?

The speaker technology we provide comes backed by durability and reliability. All systems are designed, engineered, and built tough enough to fend off corrosion, ultraviolet, and thermal damage for years and years. During quality testing, each speaker prototype is submerged in saltwater, then air-dried, for 60 consecutive days, ensuring speakers continue to work through corrosion, rainfall, and flooding.

What Are These Speakers Made Of?

All fixtures are created with the elegance and durability of 100% brass.

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