Installation, Removal, Storage & Re-Installation


Do I own the products I pay to have you Install?
-Yes. The initial price you are quoted at the time of your design interaction is for: purchase of the product, installation,
and removal.

Do I need to do anything after the installation?
-Yes. The installers will have made sure that everything is tested and ready to go according to the agreed upon
design. Just plug in your timer(s) when you are ready to begin enjoying your holiday lights!

What about Removal & Storage?
-We will work with you on a removal timeline, but we aim to have all installations taken down and packed up by
February 1st. We will provide storage solutions such as plastic spools for the strand lights and trim flights, custom
storage bags for the artificial greenery (included in the install price) and plastic storage bins for extension cords,
timers, clips, etc. You may elect to store them in your home for free, or in our shop for a fee (typically 10% of the
install cost unless there are large items that require a lot of storage space).

Is it cheaper next season for Re-Installation?
-Since you have already purchased the products from us, reinstallation is around 40% less than the installation cost
(not including new product that is purchased to expand or freshen up your design). Just be sure to give us a call in
September so we can put you on the calendar!

How far ahead do I need to schedule an installation?
-Call, or email us anytime to set up a design meeting. We can get you on the calendar as soon as you say, “yes” and
will verify the install date with you a few days in advance.

Is there an early bird discount?
-Yes! Allow us to install your holiday lighting design before Oct. 31st and save 10%!

When do installations begin?
-We begin installations as early September for commercial clients, and October for residential.

Is there an installation minimum?
-Yes, we have minimum installation ticket of $550.

What do need from me on the day of the install?
-Our designer will have gone over this with you. The main thing is a outdoor power source, preferably one with a
dedicated 15 amp slot in your breaker box. If you are an existing customer, be sure to leave out your storage
bins/bags from last year (or provide access to your storage area). As long as we have what we need, you don’t even
need to be home. Other that that, just plug in your timer when you are ready to begin enjoying your holiday lights!

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